Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wow, looks like my blog really took off. I haven't written in it in over one year. I guess I totally forgot about it. Oh well, such is the life of a mom, doctor, wife, homemaker, jogger, gameplayer, church goer, friend, party giver, facebooker etc etc. Our most recent big activity was Aiden's birthday. So now I will attempt to upload photos of his birthday. His party was a great success. He loved his light saber cake I painstakingly made and the hour long visit from Darth Vader was something I hope he never forgets. He has great friends and he is an awesome kid. Last night he spent the night at one of his best friends which is probably the only reason I am getting to type and he isn't fighting to get on my lap and change the site to Star Wars Legos. Our time together lately has been a lot of Wii playing. Aiden got a Wii for his bday and now the whole family is in to golfing, ping pong, canoeing etc. Well, we will see if I post again before next summer.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday and off work... a typical day with Aiden. We rode our bikes to the park. He is awesome on his two wheeler. Then back to the house for the 900 millionth game of Chutes and Ladders. He won and in a pretty short time for that game which is a blessing because it can take a while. I pretended to cry when I kept getting sent down the slides and he would say "remember be a good loser and a good winner" So cute. Now Kelly is putting him down for his nap and I can get some rest. I am reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. It's slow at first but now I am totally into it. I am reading it on my Kindle. Really, paperbooks, traditional newspapers and eventually magazines they are going to be obsolete eventually. I was reading an article in the NYT about the Kindle and Alexie Sherman, an author I really like (he wrote the autobiography of an indian or soemthing like that), commented that he saw a woman reading a kindle on an airplane and he wanted to kill her. I guess the electronic book is screwing the moneymaking for the writers. Which I don't agree with but just like journalists and recording artists they better get with the times and try to make electronics work for them and not against them because there is no way it is going to go back. It is only going to get more high tech in the future. Before we know it we will have electronic walls in our houses with electronic paintings. Which book was that? Farenheit 451? I think so... that was an awesome book.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First blog

Everyone seems to have a blog so I thought why not me? Well, maybe because I can't understand why anyone would want to read mine but then maybe I will be the only one that reads it and that is fine. This can be a place to say my mind, record my journey, and just play. My current hobby is Karate. I have been in classes for about one month. It is fun but totally different than my past forays in exercise classes. For instance, for a while I did Yoga. Well, they both come from Asia but one is about defending oneself from a violent attack and the other is about focusing inside and going into that. It is a bit strange to spend time thinking about how to fight, totally different than anything I have ever done but strangely exhilarating. I especially like the kicks. Plus it is cool to share something with Aiden too.

Why does gasoline always go up right before we go on a long motorhome vacation!! Last year gas was almost $5 when we went to Oregon this year at least it is only $3 but still 3 weeks to go.

Another hate killing today by an antisemite at the Holocaust museum in DC. And last week Dr Tiller, an obgyn that did late term abortions. F**king jerks. How can you have so much hate inside of you to do something like this? I am all for the first amendment but hate groups and hate speech should be more controlled.

Carrie PreJean lost her job as Miss California today. Oh how sad... I feel so sorry for the sweet little homophobe. Yeah yeah everyone has a right to their opinion. Her opinion is just closed minded and mean.