Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First blog

Everyone seems to have a blog so I thought why not me? Well, maybe because I can't understand why anyone would want to read mine but then maybe I will be the only one that reads it and that is fine. This can be a place to say my mind, record my journey, and just play. My current hobby is Karate. I have been in classes for about one month. It is fun but totally different than my past forays in exercise classes. For instance, for a while I did Yoga. Well, they both come from Asia but one is about defending oneself from a violent attack and the other is about focusing inside and going into that. It is a bit strange to spend time thinking about how to fight, totally different than anything I have ever done but strangely exhilarating. I especially like the kicks. Plus it is cool to share something with Aiden too.

Why does gasoline always go up right before we go on a long motorhome vacation!! Last year gas was almost $5 when we went to Oregon this year at least it is only $3 but still 3 weeks to go.

Another hate killing today by an antisemite at the Holocaust museum in DC. And last week Dr Tiller, an obgyn that did late term abortions. F**king jerks. How can you have so much hate inside of you to do something like this? I am all for the first amendment but hate groups and hate speech should be more controlled.

Carrie PreJean lost her job as Miss California today. Oh how sad... I feel so sorry for the sweet little homophobe. Yeah yeah everyone has a right to their opinion. Her opinion is just closed minded and mean.

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